First week of summer!

We started our summer vacation with a trip to Oklahoma.  First we drove to Fargo to visit Grandma, Papa Roger, and Uncle Allen.  Olivia went with us which made it even more fun!  We stayed a weekend at their house.  The weather was really cool so we played outside without getting too hot!  

 On Sunday we went to Aunt Sheryl's house because Piper was able to attend their church VBS that week.  She loved it and said it was the favorite part of our trip.  I also could tell the Lord was working in her heart, helping her have a better understanding of some truths Mommy and Daddy have been working on with her.
 The weather was much cooler than normal but it didn't stop the kids from swimming in the ice cold water every single day!  By Wednesday, Briggs started asking when we were going back to "Mama's house."  He will not call it Daddy's house or his house, but only Mama's house.  He is a home body!  Both kids really missed Daddy while we were away!  Even Piper's VBS teacher told me one day at pickup that she was really missing her daddy!
On the way home to "Mama's house" we stopped in Ardmore to pick up a bike that had outgrown a friend's little boy for Briggs.  He loves it!  He doesn't quite get the peddling thing but loves his new Cars bike!  While in Ardmore, Piper asked if we could see our old house.  So I obliged.  It still looks beautiful!
The week was a fun way to start our summer break!

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