December is here and we are waiting!!

Well it's December 3rd.  Baby Girl is due!  We are waiting!!  In the meantime, life is happening as normal!  
Glitter, our sweet little elf, showed up yesterday morning.  Piper was thrilled.  Briggs is scared of him!  Piper talks to him and tells him all kinds of things.  She has been cracking me up with all her questions and comments.  One thing she said was "Mommy, his eyes look so fake but I know they're real!"  Hahahahahaha!  I could hardly stand it!  She was very pleased to read the note from Santa that Glitter brought.  He explained that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and Santa doesn't bring her presents based on if she is naughty or nice because we all mess up and God gives us grace.  The reason we get Christmas gifts is because God wants to share in His goodness with us and presents are fun so Santa helps out with that.  Glitter just tells Santa about all the stuff that happens in our house! And so on and so on.  At the end of reading the letter, Piper said, "Oh!  So Santa loves God!" with an exclamation in her voice!  She was happy to know that!  And I'm sure she has told her teacher already about that! And anybody who will listen!  Briggs just looks at the elf with a suspicious glare and moans.  Today he asked me if I moved him!  I lied and said "No, he flew there!"  The kid is on to me!
 Yesterday was my last preschool day before the baby for sure arrives that I could surprise Piper for lunch at school.  She was happy, happy!  Bringing chick-fil-a didn't diminish her smile either!
 After I picked Briggs up from school we went to the mall so he could play a little.  He loves doing this and we don't go as often as he'd like!
And to end it...I just love this picture of Michael!  He's been a great helper in this pregnancy and he's a great daddy to our kids!  Can't wait to see him holding another little one very soon!

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