Before the Baby's Arrival!

 Our elf, Glitter, visited us every day.  Piper thought it was pretty funny he was hanging out with Barbie one morning!
 The day before our scheduled induction, Briggs had a Christmas performance at his preschool!  He was so cute on stage!  We practiced all month in the car, listening to the songs.  Michael and I (and his teachers) really didn't think he'd sing on stage but he surprised us all!  When the class got on stage Briggs plopped himself on the ground and his teacher asked him to stand up but he refused so she just walked away.  Then he popped right up and decided to sing and perform the motions.  This boy is all about making the decision to do something on his own! The pictures I took did not turn out but the kids and I managed to get a few photos afterward!  This is us on our last day before adding another sibling!

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