December Fun

Last weekend, The Roush Family came for a visit.  It is always crazy when we are all together but always fun!  We took all the kids minus Emerson to see the play Miracle on 34th Street at the Dallas Children's Theater.  It did not disappoint!  And thanks to Kate and Amy, Emerson was well cared for!

 Sophia was proud to be holding Emerson!
 Piper taught herself how to braid last weekend!  She is a determined kid, but not always motivated!  I'm sure one of her friends just learned how to braid, which gave her a little nudge!
 Emerson loves hanging off my shoulder or back when I'm sitting on the floor with her.
 Her little bunny rabbit grin!
 I took the kids to Bass Pro for Santa pics.  I could not get her to look at me to take a picture!
 Ho, Ho, Ho!  Piper has had lots of fun holiday activities at school.  Her 4th grade gingerbread buddy gave her this hat!
 And, I could not resist a pic of these eyes!

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