Life these days...

Emsy has learned how to crawl into the tub all by herself.  Lovely!
She also loves crawling into boxes and bins!

My Little Maverick!  Ha!
Recently, at school, Piper was educated on the dangers of smoking.  She quickly came to me one day with this book in hand and asked with disgust in her tone "Does Santa really smoke!?"  I replied, "Uhhh, I don't know.  A pipe isn't like a cigarette!"  "Oh!  Okay, good" was her reply as she breathed a sigh of relief!  Wouldn't want a pipe to kill Santa!
These silly sweetie.  She isn't into snuggling much but she does love to crawl up to me and give me hugs!  I love it!
We are entering the fit throwing stage!  One minute on the floor crying!
The next, smiling and proud!  She managed to pull down a Christmas ornament and was pretty proud of her mischievous self!

Love the sight of stockings, a tree, and a cutie pie baby in her Christmas pj's!
Piper recently began basketball!  
Sweet sisters sleeping next to each other in matching pj's!  Piper was sent to bed early on this night.  She threw such a whopping fit that it upset and disrupted Emerson.  Emerson had a harder time going to sleep so Piper decided to crawl down there and comfort her.  I found them like this around 10 pm.  The next morning, Piper told me she rubbed Emerson's back and let her sleep with her favorite bear!  Sweet girl!
The largest bow ever!  Shopping for her first birthday party.  Love her smile!
Briggs wearing Mommy's boots!  Haha!
Happy little sugar bear!
Hello!  Love this smile!

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