Piper is 7!!!

On April 29th, I said goodnight to this 6 year old...
 and woke up on April 30th to this big 7 year old!
 She enjoyed a homemade birthday breakfast that mommy was very behind on because she did not hear her alarm go off!
 Emerson's gift to Piper was the little unicorn stuffed animal you see pictured!

I had lunch with Piper at school.  She requested Whataburger!  And she requested whopper cupcakes. Thank you Sam's club!

 Love this picture of these two!  They actually look like they could be related finally!
 That evening, Piper picked Spring Creek BBQ as her restaurant choice!  Uncle Matt, Maggie, Grammy, and Papa John joined us.  Family dinners is one of Piper's favorite things!
 After dinner, they came over to open a few presents and play.  Maggie gave Piper these cute singing birds and We gave Piper a karaoke machine.  Really, she just wanted a "real" microphone!
 Briggs loves the singing birds a lot!
 To celebrate with friends, Piper asked Nora & Campbell to paint with her at Ms. Helen's house. They all did such a great job!  That evening, Nora spent the night with Piper after a fun evening of playing and watching a movie!

 The karaoke machine has been fun for everyone...
Piper we love you so much!  My prayer for you is that you will know the Lord with all your heart and have a desire to have a strong relationship with Him throughout your life.  I pray your stubborn, strong willed personality will be used to do big things for Him and to lead others well!  You are so social, a quality I love!  And you are deeply tender hearted!  You are such a Piper!

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