I cannot believe May is almost over!  It has flown.  Do I say that every month??  Really I feel like it has more than ever this month.  We have had a whole lotta crazy going on at our house!  Emerson is teething!  She always has that tongue out and drool on her chin!  She has been such a happy girl for the most part!  This past month, she has been practicing rolling over and sitting up.  She can roll over from tummy to back like a champ especially in the middle of the night!  She's only rolled over from back to belly once but gets so close every time!  She isn't sitting up on her own yet but is working up to it!  Life will really change when she's able to do those things!  Eek!  At 10 weeks, she began sleeping through the night well.  But, at 20 weeks she stopped!  Every sleep training trick I know is not helping and now she and I are up one to two times per night again!  Needless to say, I'm a little more tired but praying that this little phase ends soon and is in fact a "little" not long, phase! 

 Love this pic!  Briggs is so annoyed!  He loves Emerson but does not like her to touch him when she has slobber on her!
 Emerson loves to be outside.  She laid outside on her playmat while I planted some flowers recently!
 She loves, loves her jumperoo toy!  And the big kids do too as evidenced by my consistent "Please do not get in the jumperoo!" statements I make at least 5 times a day!
 And lastly, it seems that the rain will never cease.  We have received enough rain to fill up our lakes, creeks and everything in between!  This is the waterfall in our neighborhood!  I think it is so pretty to look at when the creek is full!

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