Briggs is 5!!

The last day of being a four year old!
The last picture to take as a four year old!  At bedtime...
And He's the Big F-I-V-E!!!  Eeeek!  

 That morning he woke up to homemade biscuits and chocolate milk!  Piper and I sang to him while Emerson watched in confusion!  He opened a few presents and then we got ready for school!

 For school, he chose to take brownies and pirate patches for his classmates!  They sang to him and he wore this super cool hat!  Haha!
 After school, his buddy Weston came over to play for a little bit!
He loved the gifts and phone calls that day!  You could tell he just felt so special.  He kept saying, "It's still my birthday!" 

That night, Michael and I surprised him (and Piper) with a trip to Chuck E Cheese!  Below is Briggs' reaction when we pulled into the parking lot!  Sadly, all the  pictures were deleted from my camera after this!  :(  However, we had a fun time playing games, eating pizza, and even dancing with Chuck E, himself!  
I cannot believe this boy is 5!  He is an encourager, snuggler, introvert, and just full of joy in general! He loves learning, playing in dirt piles, with dinosaurs, super heroes, and Legoes.  He loves his family and friends. His favorite foods are chicken strips, cheddar pretzels, and anything with sugar! Our Briggsey Bear is so loved and special in this family!

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