Fun Moments in October!

Sisters swinging and smiling together!  

This is Emerson all the time!  She loves to look out the window and shout or squeal at whatever and whomever she sees!
Briggs drew Piper.  Love it!
We purchased new desks for Briggs and Piper.  Briggs likes sitting at his to tinker and listen to books on tape!
Piper and Nora received third place on their invention at our school's Invention Convention.  I thought ice cream was a deserving treat!  They invented the ice shirt!  Well, actually Nora did but it was a team effort in submitting it all!

Emerson loves throwing her head back!  Silly girl!
My sweet family!

There's nothing like learning how to use power tools in your undies!  Briggs is turning into our naked child!  Most days he takes off his pants and roams around the house in his undies and a shirt!  Bless him!  Michael was hanging something in Piper's room so he was trying to teach the kids how to use a few tools!
Blue-eyed beauty
She just squeals with delight at the sight of her Daddy!

Piper and her friend Teagan decided to sell worms one rainy Saturday afternoon.  Sadly, no one stopped to buy bait! Hahaha!!

And look who knows how to make a mess in the kitchen!  I've been  moving things around to prevent too much chaos but I have forgotten how babies love to get into everything!  

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