OSU Homecoming

Piper enjoyed her first OSU Homecoming this past Saturday. We are indoctrinating her early! Michael went to the football game while Piper and I spent some more time with Chandra and Lilly. Before the game we spent some time with Grammy and Papa John. It was a fun day with beautiful weather! And...our Cowboys came away with another victory moving them to #6 in the country!!
Papa John and Piper
Chandra & Lilly with us in front of the OSU library. The water in the fountain is orange during Homecoming week.
Piper was such a happy girl that day (except during the car ride, but that is normal!). She did get tired though and took a few catnaps. This is her rubbing her eyes and nose--a sign she needs to sleep!

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Hannah E. said...

Cute pics. You and Chandra kinda have matching hair. =)