Fun With Friends & Family

Since moving to Oklahoma we have been busy playing catch up with all our friends and family who live here. I think the 3 of us have only been at our home in Ardmore for a few weekends the past 2 months! There is always something for us to go and do or someone for us to go and visit! It has been a lot of fun...even if Piper hates her car seat!!

Piper and Lilly enjoyed playing together. For the first time, Piper really interacted with Lilly. She smiled and laughed at her even.

On October 11th, my mother's side of the family celebrated my grandparents 70th anniversary! Yes, I said 70th! Can you believe that!!?? This is them holding Piper after a long day. She was not happy at this point because she didn't get to take a nap and she had been held all day!
We also went to visit Michael's grandma in Corn. Piper liked Homa!
This is Piper's Aunt Valerie. She lives in Clinton.
And these are Valerie's boys Mason (L) and Garrison(R). The boys had fun playing with their new girl cousin. Garrison was really into her!

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