No Baby Was Harmed In This Experiment

Well, I have a new goal that I will be working on in the next few weeks or for as long as it takes! That goal is getting Piper to take a bottle again. Yes, the bottle saga continues! Chandra tried giving Piper a bottle of formula yesterday and she came out saying, "Shelly, she has no clue what this thing (the bottle) is!" So, even though I have been working on this; I'm going to step it up a notch! Beginning today I will get Piper up every morning and try giving her a bottle or at least orient her with the bottle. These pics are from this mornings trial! It didn't even last 10 minutes. I sat down with her and put the bottle in her mouth and she chewed on it a bit and then the screaming began (all b/c I put a bottle in her mouth!!!). I couldn't help but laugh at the drama queen in action. See below! (and, yes, that is a tear rolling down her cheek! once again--all from a bottle being placed in her mouth!!!) And this is they happy girl after she gets her mama's milk!
Little stinker!

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