Christmas Parade

We took Piper to the Ardmore Christmas Parade last night. This was her first parade and she was not enthused by the school bands playing, numerous semi trucks with Christmas lights passing by or the lady who kept touching Piper's face with her dirty glove! ha! (I actually want to write more on that but my husband said I could not! ) I did not get any good pics of the parade itself or the Christmas lights at Centennial park. The park lights were pretty! Piper maintained that straight face the entire time! I'd look down at her and try to get her to smile and she would not. It was as if she was saying, "mom, this is lame!" haha!

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Hannah E. said...

Yeah, Piper looks like she's not so sure about the parade! But she looks really cute! Lots of things in life are really just about looking cute. =)
Hearing about the lady with the dirty glove makes me laugh. Come on, Michael!!!