I'm 8 months old!

Piper is 8 months old now! It's hard to think in just 4 quick months she will be 1!!! She now has 6 teeth; 4 on top, 2 on bottom. And, with all the drooling she's been doing I think there's a few more on the way pretty soon! She is saying 'dada' and beginning to blabber 'mamamama'. She can wave to you; although it isn't a traditional wave. She also uses her hands a lot when she is 'talking' but so does her mommy! So she is learning early! She has learned how to click her tongue and she has a unique way of sucking her tongue also! haha! Hmmm, let's see what else has she been up to?? Oh, she is totally on a bottle now drinking both formula and breastmilk. She has been guzzling the bottle. Just this morning, she drank 9 oz. in one setting! I definitely think she's about to plump up b/c she's been eating like there's no tomorrow! Piper is still not crawling but yesterday she started doing some knee action like she's about to get up and scoot. We shall see! She eats everything and loves every bit of it! Everything within reason that is! And the most fun thing of all is watching her 'dance' when the music starts playing. Even the church nursery workers have commented on her booty shake! Her little bottom goes side to side when the music is on and sometimes her head goes side to side! So fun! (I'll try to get some video of it on here once Michael fixes his software.) We are really loving her little personality these days!

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