We're Still Alive!

I have no pictures or great stories for you. I just wanted to post an update on our lives until I have something more exciting or profound! We've been a little puny lately! I started feeling a little icky on Friday but attributed it to allergies and then during the night I woke up with a full blown scratchy sore throat! This put all Saturday plans on hold b/c along w/that sore throat came fever and ache-y-ness (How do you spell that!). Michael quickly stepped in and cared for Piper! This was his first time to take care of her for the whole day and he did great! Thank goodness she's on a bottle. God was taking care of me! I think she really bonded with him and acts like a big flirt with him now when he comes into the room! Anyway, I thought I could wait to go to the dr. until Monday and just medicate on lots of advil b/c we do not have urgent care in Ardmore! However, when I almost passed out in the wee hours of Sunday morning and could hardly breathe b/c my throat was closing up I took myself to the emergency room at 3 am. They, of course, didn't realize how much pain I was in (and let me tell you, I was in a lot of pain-comparable to childbirth!!). Yep folks, you guessed it...I had strep! I received 2 shots and went on home. Michael's mother came and helped us on Sunday and she left on Tuesday feeling sick. She confirmed today that she has it now. We took Piper to the dr. on Monday and she had a red ear, but not an ear infection, and some other symptoms. So me and Pipes are on antibiotics and recovering. She's a new child since getting medicine! What a difference! Daddy still has not gotten it, but has been dealing with severe allergies! It's almost comical at this point! I still can't believe I had to go to the stinking emergency room! I've never been to the ER before!

Another update is that our little girl is beginning to crawl as of last night! It's not your traditional crawl or even an army crawl but it is a crawl nonetheless! She's also been rocking a little on all fours! I cannot leave her alone in the room for long now!

That's all from me! Hope you are happy and healthy!

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