10 months!

Piper has 2 fun little chairs for her to sit in. This wooden one was just given to her by her great-great uncle!

This director's chair was given to Piper by her Grammy and Papa. It has her name embroidered on the back. It is fitting that she has a director's chair b/c it seems as if she directs the show around her most of the time!!
I feel like we have turned a corner during the 10th month! We are in a really fun stage currently! She is a Daddy's girl! Piper can handle stretching her wake time now instead of needing a nap ASAP! And, she is such a happy baby at night so Michael has really gotten to enjoy her in the evenings when he returns home from work. She is getting taller and gaining weight! We do not go to the dr. for a well check until she is 12 months so I don't have any growth info right now! She is army crawling all over the place and it is cute! Piper is a little dancer. She loves shaking her booty to the music. Piper is also into playing peek-a-boo and clapping her hands. She is beginning to sound like she is having 'foreign language conversations' complete w/voice inflections and the raising and lowering of her pitch and volume. Piper is a little ham and has a charming little personality. We are always laughing at something she is doing! I know we are going to miss these days when she gets older!!

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Hannah E. said...

Sounds like she and Parker have a lot in common...in a few months, we need to schedule some kind of road trip playdate!
I can't even describe the hugeness of Jonah's smile when he saw that picture of Oscar. He remembers!