March Madness

And, I'm not talking about basketball! We've been quite social this month and as you can see below, Piper is quite pooped from it all...and so is Mommy!
We visited Aunt Sheryl earlier in the month and Piper got to try out their car! She needs a car at our house. Look how much fun she's having!

Grandma & Grandpa Levy came for a weekend visit! Piper went shopping all day with Grandma and me while Daddy and Grandpa fixed her play set after it was destroyed by high winds one night. Gma & Gpa also babysat for us so we could go see a movie! That's a rare treat for us now!
We went to Clinton to see Grammy, Papa John and more family. From left (Aunt Darla, Piper & Megan, Grammy, Aunt JuJu, & Homa in front)
Piper got to play with her cousins in Clinton too. She loves playing with big kids!
And, we went to Fargo to visit Grandma Judy, Papa, & Uncle Allen. Grandma Judy began teaching Piper how to play the piano. She loved it! We also visited my great aunt & uncle and my grandparents while we were there!
Chandra and Lilly also came for a visit to our house this month. While here, Chandra helped me start decorating! It's looking a lot better and I should have some pics soon!

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