11 Months!

Okay, so the 11 month pics aren't the best but it's the best I could get that day! Piper is NOT into posing for the camera and she is NOT into wearing a bow anymore! (as evidenced in her holding the bow in the pics!) I'm a bit sad about the bow situation b/c I want to put the bows in her hair but she won't keep them in and I don't think it's worth the battle of making her keep them in! So I'm not choosing to fight that battle and hoping that as she gets older bows will become an option again! Moving on...11 months has been great! I feel like this month we have seen Piper do more things and show so much more of her personality. It's been a fun month! Two more teeth have popped to the surface making 8 total! She has been in such a great mood the past few days since they broke the surface! Piper is also sitting up on her own from belly to bottom! She is still army crawling but she can sure get around that way! This month she has started following us around by crawling and she's been entering other rooms too! I've really had to begin keeping a close eye on her! She eats anything off the floor and has become very picky about eating what's on her plate! I'm having a hard time getting her to eat veggies and certain fruits but she loves beef! Piper's little personality is very expressive! She has all kinds of facial expressions and an attitude to follow! She knows when she is being funny and plays off of strangers with that! I've got a little ham on my hands! I think she is going to be like her daddy in that she won't be able to hide what she's feeling or 'fake' being nice, etc...Her face says it all if you know what I mean! She has always been good at playing on the floor with a few toys at a time, but lately she's been really good about playing alone on the floor and even 'talking' to herself while playing. I think she's kind of entertaining herself when she does that. Piper has added 'Oska' to her vocabulary which means Oscar (our dog) and 'seeee' which means 'see' as she points at everything and we name it off! She's also begun to mimic my voice inflections. Like, if I say something in a high pitched voice in conversation she makes the same noise in her gibberish language. It's funny! One of the biggest things she is doing is taking steps as we hold her hands! This girl is heading towards total mobility; although, I think it will still be a little while before she's walking on her own! And one more thing about this month...I cut her hair! She was beginning to get a mini-mullet so I trimmed the bottom and kind of layered the back. It looks much better to me, but I'm sure no one else will/would notice! I've thoroughly enjoyed 11 months. Both Michael and I are so proud of her. It's weird, you're proud of your child as soon as they arrive but then your pride for them evolves and changes! We love this little girl so much and are so thankful for the blessing she is to us. I cannot believe we've been enjoying her for almost a year! It's flown by and I'm sad to think my 'baby' is almost not a baby! But, each new stage has brought its new challenges and joys and I'm loving it!


Martha said...

That's why there is hardly ever a bow on my Hannah's head... she instantly pulls it off and hands it to me! Maybe someday... :) I can get pigtails to stay most of the time.

Piper is precious!

The Morris' said...

I can totally relate to the bow situation, it is maddening but not worth the battle, hopefully later!