The House Tour Begins--Guest Bed & Bath

Well my friends you are finally getting a little glimpse of what my house looks like. It's slowwwwwly coming along! Enjoy seeing the guest bathroom and guest bedroom below! The sink area. I have hung a brown towel there now instead of a cream towel!
Above: Guest bath wall when you first walk in and to the left. I've hung my pictures of presidential homes.
Behind the potty, I hung my former bedroom drapes from ceiling to floor. They were not that long but I had 4 panels so I sewed two panels together and they puddle at the bottom. I hope to hang some kind of picture in the middle at some point! (sorry the photos are a bit blurry)

The potty again! The bathroom has a tan w/brown striped wallpaper on it. I really like the wallpaper. In person, it looks very Ralph Laurenish. I really like the way this bathroom turned out and it's all thanks to my best friend Chandra and her creative ideas!!
Now, on to the guest bedroom. I really like the way the bedroom turned out as well. I think it looks way better in person than in the pictures. I don't love what I have hung above the bed but it was free for now. I want to eventually replace it with a wall of plates when I find some cheap ones! Also, in person the scale of the items looks better (in my opinion!)

Once again, these are some curtains I already had. I had them hanging in my office/guest room in our former home. See where the trim is in this picture? Well, in my former home that is where the curtain touched the floor. In this home, the ceilings are so much taller so luckily I had some extra fabric and sewed it to the end of the curtain and hot glued the trim on you see in the picture. (my sister made those curtains about 8 years ago for her former home!)

The view to the hall.

And, the view when you walk into the room. The closet doors are to the right of that chair. That armoire was located in my former living room! It looks so much smaller in this house. It works great in this room! See that wreath...my m-i-l made that to match some wedding decor and I just changed a few of the flower springs and it worked great! I probably spent about $10 on this room. I'm so proud that I used what I already had! I am kind of sad that I haven't painted one wall in this house b/c I love color but I'm coming to terms with it and I keep reminding myself that painting is a lot of work and I can't even keep the house cleaned on a regular basis; how am I going to complete a painting project! :-)

Next on the tour will probably be the kitchen/dining area and Piper's room. I've got to clean the house and finish a few things in her room. My bedroom is bare. It's so sad but I'm trying to work on a plan for it and I have grand ideas for the living room but I just need to find time to go to the furniture store!! Anyway, that's the tour for today!

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