Piper's 1st Easter

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! These powerful words brought tears to my eyes each time I spoke them in church today. Being a parent now, it seems so unimaginable to be able to lovingly sacrifice your child for the sins of others! And, that is exactly what God did with his one and only Son, Jesus, so that my sins would be covered and I could spend eternity in Heaven with Him! Oh, I pray that our children come to know and understand the message of Hope that we have in Christ.

We had a great Easter weekend! Grammy & Papa John came for a visit. We ate at two yummy restaurants in the Ardmore area (Cafe Alley and McGehees Catfish) and Grammy helped me with a project that I'm working on for Piper's room. I can't wait to finish and show you pics! Today, we went to church and came home and ate a delicious lunch prepared by yours truly! (haha!) We didn't give Piper any eggs or 'Easter Bunny' stuff. I don't think she would have understood! I am proud to say that I sewed Piper's dress! It's pretty cute and a little big so she'll be able to use it for a while!
We 'snuck' a bow in her hair just for these pics! She knew it was there but we were able to distract her long enough to pose!

"Hey! Where's my eggs??"
Piper's Easter Dress...I purchased this pattern on Etsy. The fabric was pre-cut and detailed directions were included, but it still took me a week to complete and help from a neighbor!
The backside of the dress as she crawls away!


Hannah E. said...

I'm SO IMPRESSED with the dress!!! What skills you have. It's so pretty! Can't wait to see y'all next week!!

Martha said...

I love the dress, Shelly! Great job! Do you take orders? ;)

chandra said...

The dress looks fab! I want to make one too!!!

The Morris' said...

Super cute, way to go, I'm with Chandra, let's have a class!