Tyler visit

Last week Piper and I drove to Tyler, TX to visit. We had a few friends that have had babies over the past few months and we wanted to visit with everyone else (that we could fit in!). We left on a Wednesday planning to leave Saturday morning but found out that we had to be back for a funeral on Saturday so our plans were cut short and we left Friday morning. Our visits were short and sweet but still fun! Here are some pics from our visit! We visited with our former neighbors and I took these pics of Piper in front of Mr. & Mrs. Fullers yard. They are wonderful gardeners and have beautiful landscaping!

We stayed with The Estes Family. They were fun hosts! Here's Jonah holding Piper and his little sister Parker. Parker was born two weeks after Piper!
This is Piper with baby River. He is 3 months old! His mom, Paula, was a teacher at Andy Woods.
Parker & Piper.
Mr. & Mrs. Fuller w/Piper.
Macy & Piper. Macy was born 2 days before Piper. Her mom and I enjoyed our pregnancy together! I was able to eat dinner with some of the former Sunday school girls. Macy got to come along too!
Jonah loving on Piper. Piper loved all the attention he gave her!
Aunt Becky & Piper. Becky and I worked together at Andy Woods. Piper and I saw a lot of friends at the school when we were visiting but this pic w/Becky was the only one I took!
Mikenlie & Abigail, our former neighbors, with Piper!
We also got to see Baby Charlotte (5wks). She was so little and such a doll! I didn't get to hold her long enough and was hoping to go back and see her but plans changed! I didn't get a pic of her either. And, I got to see Baby Tyler (3 wks). He was really little! And, we visited very quickly with our friends Brittany & Jon and had breakfast with my friend Ame. I really enjoyed going back!

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