Austin/San Antonio trip

Michael and I went on a short getaway to TX last week. It was kind of a delayed anniversary trip. We went to Austin for the weekend and then drove on to San Antonio for 2 days so that Michael could attend a meeting for work while I went shopping! It was fun to shop all by myself and not worry about a crying, hungry, sleep-deprived baby or a whining, sleep-deprived, and hungry husband!! (haha!) I did not take very good pics on this trip but here's a few...

Every night before dusk thousands of bats fly out from under this bridge and hundreds of people gather to watch. It is really cool, actually! Here's the bats..
Here's a portion of the people lined up to watch...
We stayed downtown and walked everywhere. Our feet were tired! We went to the TX state capitol since neither one of us had been there. Here we are there. (the only pic we took of ourselves! Bummer!) And, what is up w/my leg posing?? Oh well, we were being tourists!
This was strange I thought. This girl was wearing a pretty dress w/these hose and shoes???? I took a picture of course!
Look how beautiful the sky was! It was a HOT day!
We had fun and ate at some yummy restaurants thanks to my friend Danielle for her recommendations! I'd like to go back and take advantage of their recreational stuff but maybe when it's cooler!

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