The Latest Achievements

Will she be a soccer star??
Playing with Daddy. Piper likes to go up behind us and 'get' us!
We've been working on eating w/a spoon! It's a slow and messy process!!
We probably need to be working on eating more from a bowl too as you can see her messy tray in the picture!
1st 'big' girl piggy tails. She felt so proud of them as she looked in the mirror and scrunched her nose up and giggled!

Piper has been so fun lately! Her little personality makes us laugh all the time. She is stubborn like her Mama, sensitive and nice like her Daddy. She is definitely a girl by the mood swings that take place throughout the day! I guess it just makes things interesting, huh!?! Naps are getting a little better but not perfect! She now recognizes a tractor and growls at the sight of one. It's her way of saying 'vroom, vroom.' When I tickle her I say, 'tickle, tickle, tickle' and use my fingers to crawl up her arm. She has been trying to do that and say it, but it sounds like 'lul-lul-lul' with her tongue twisting! And, she has finally figured out the spider movement with her fingers to "Itsy bitsy spider" and all weekend has been coming up to me doing the spider movement and saying, 'uh-uh, issy-issy-issy, uh-uh' until I start singing the song! She has added some new words to her vocabulary in the past week but the one word she says over and over is 'shoes'!! I think we may have an accessories girl!!! Piper continues to be more loving and affectionate to both Michael and I as well as a tendency to try and get a laugh out of us! It doesn't take too much! I've had several people say to me "I think she is going to have the gift of mercy someday and then I have another handful of people who say, "She's a firecracker!" so it will be so neat to see how the Lord will shape her personality and gifts to serve others! I can't wait!

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Hannah E. said...

That's funny because Parker is SO into the itsy-bitsy spider song too! She does the same little motion and sound when asking for it. Oh, I'd love to see those two girlies playing together. It would probably be WAY different than the last time we got together with y'all. I bet they'd have a blast together.