Our 1st Family Vacation-Lake Tahoe

We just came back from our 1st family vacation to Lake Tahoe! It is so beautiful in Lake Tahoe, or I guess I should say the Lake Tahoe area! Piper's Grandpa & Grandma are there vacationing for a few weeks and invited us to join them for a few days! We flew for a total of 8 hours and were on 4 different planes, but Piper did well considering that plus her age and the fact that she would not sleep even though I gave her benadryl! The girl doesn't want to miss a thing...like her mama! (On a side note: Let me just say I LOVE people who are nice and try to talk to your child and 'play' with them! If you ever see a parent of a young child in a situation like this, give their kid some attention b/c it helps us soooo much!!! ) The last flight home was a bit tough and I'm sure those around us were annoyed b/c we were THAT family with THAT crying/screaming baby! Ha! All in all, Piper really adjusted better than I expected! She absolutely loved Grandma & Grandpa's dog, Sandy! Sandy provided Piper with entertainment, laughter, and squeals! This vacation was relaxing, restful, and great family time for us! The views are amazing! I have never seen lake water that is so clear and blue, not to mention the beautiful trees, mountains and sky! Here is Grandpa & Grandma with Piper on the day we took a road trip around the entire lake!

No more pictures please!!!!

Emerald Island

We went to the beach one day to feed the geese and play in the sand. Piper hated it!!!! She screamed so loud when we made her stand in the sand. And, getting her feet wet was even worse! It was comical to us, but not her!

One day we went for a nature walk. We thought we'd hike a lot so we borrowed a hiking pack for Piper but it only got used this one time! She didn't like it at first but after a bit she was fine and enjoyed patting Daddy's back and head! I enjoyed this walk a lot!

The weather was beautiful and we got to take advantage of it by riding a big boat around the lake and learning more about Tahoe's history. This is us before boarding!
Emerald Island...the only island on the lake. There is an old structure on top that was a former tea house in which a private citizen used for entertaining guests. Her big house (now a museum) is on the shore. (you know, I'm a nerd about facts when on vacation!)

Michael and I took a gondola ride to the top of a mountain and we were able to see all of Lake Tahoe and several surrounding areas for miles and miles!

When the baby is away, the parents play!! Grandma & Grandpa watched Piper for us while we were on the gondola outing and again that night so we could go on a date!!!

Thanks Larry & Diana for a great time! We really enjoyed it and will be thankful for the memories for years to come!

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