Summer Fun!

Piper is in LOVE with Daddy!
Two of our nieces, Anna & Olivia, stayed with us for a few days. We really enjoyed having them here and realized the HUGE difference between having one child and having three! Piper liked having them around but made it known when she wanted to be left alone! ha! Anna was a big help to me with Piper! She really wanted to take care of her!

While they were here, we went to the splash pad and park a few times, swam in the backyard blow-up pool, had movie nights, ate snow cones, mcdonald's and much more junk food! Hey--I'm there aunt; we are suppose to have fun like that!

Piper LOVES her big blow-up pool! She is a little fishy!
One night it started raining and we let the girls go outside in their clothes and play in the rain. They wanted to get in the pool while it rained too. Piper wanted in on the action so we gave in and let her go out there too!
And, Michael had to join them too!
The remote is Piper's favorite toy right now. She acts like she can change the channels and she uses it as a phone. It's so cute! She put the remote up to her ear and says, "Hi! Hi!" And then begins to jibber jabber like she is talking on it!
She likes Oscar!
And, I may have mentioned this before but she loves to play dress-up right now with any of my clothes she can find in my drawers. Yes, this is a bra! And, normally she puts on several pairs of underwear in addition to that and walks around the house!

Piper has been learning her animal noises recently. I've decided to work on one or two a week. So far, she says "woo, woo" for a dog; "rrrr" for a lion; "ooo" for a cow; and ah-ah for a monkey! She has added 'Hot' to her vocabulary as well as 'shoes' and she has begun to mimic the sounds of my words when I'm trying to get her to say something! Piper has also started to 'pretend.' She will get her fork and spoon and carry it around and try to feed me. I take a pretend bite and chew and then she takes a pretend bite and makes the noises associated with eating! And, like I mentioned earlier, she is pretending to talk on the phone with any object that she can put up against her ear!

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