Happy Halloween!

This was Piper's 1st year to participate in the Halloween festivities! She dressed up as a little 50's girl, wearing a poodle skirt that my mom sewed and I embellished! Friday night, we took her to our church's Harvest Party. She really disliked the Harvest Party! She barely smiled and did cry after looking at the kids dressed up. There was big crowd, lots of noise, and a lot of kids dressed strange...no wonder she was having a problem! But, she didn't have a problem when they let her pick out the candy from the sack! (I forgot to turn the pic..sorry!)
She stood around looking kind of sad like this or clinging to her mama! She held on to her pumpkin really tight and it took her forever to put that Reese's in the pumpkin. I think she thought Daddy might eat it! hehe!
But, by the time we arrived back home she was in her element! (the picture is staged of course!)
Then, on Saturday we went to OKC to hang out w/the Roush's to go watch OSU get slaughtered. Before that, though, we took Piper and Lilly to take some pics on the grounds of Chesapeake b/c they had matching costumes! Yep, my mom sewed two skirts!
Both of the girls had so much fun running around while we took their pics. Well, Chandra took most of the pics w/her fancy smancy camera. These are from my non-fancy camera!
It's tough getting two toddlers to smile and pose, but Lilly sure took care of Piper! She'd hold her hand and try and get her to come back so they could say 'cheese!'
But, that doesn't mean she has to be happy about helping keep Piper in line!
They are two cuties that is for sure and they really had fun together that day! While we parents got to go to the football game, Lilly's Grams and Gramps came over and took the girls trick or treating and to Chick-fil-a to play and eat! They said the girls had fun but Piper was a bit serious and really clung on to her candy bag! Am I surprised about that report??? Nope, not a bit! Hope your Halloween was fun and your candy jars are brimming over now!

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Kat said...

That is SO adorable. I love that the girls had matching outfits and how fun that you and Chandra get to do things like that together. Piper's little ughs...adorable!! Love you friend. Thanks for sharing, I learn so much from you!