Our new puppy!

And, its name is Piper!! You didn't really think we got another dog did you??? Piper is so curious about the Oscar's crate we keep by the back door. This is actually her 2nd time to sneak into it! The first time she got in trouble and then I thought, "I should have taken pictures!" So, the 2nd time she got in it, I took pics and from now on she'll get in trouble. Yes, I know...great parenting technique!! Ha! She loved it! And, it grosses me out b/c it holds a dirty dog! But, it was still a little bit cute!
On a side note: I cut off Piper's mullet! Geez, the back of her hair grows way faster than the front part. And, she has started saying "Wuv you!" (Love you!) Isn't that great! Makes me melt!

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The Morris' said...

oh, all that is so fun - Kinley and Piper are doing the same stuff - it is fun to have the same age kids. She loves Sophie's house that is just like oscar's but we let her play in it ;) She says I wub woo but only to Josh.