November Happenings

Piper's 1st time to crawl up onto a chair...she's only done it once but she was so proud of herself! Last Saturday I met my mom and grandparents in Guthrie to watch my grandpa take part in a Mason ceremony. Piper and I didn't really see it b/c she wanted to talk loud the entire time so we removed ourselves!
We occasionally eat at this place called Papa's pizzeria and this is Papa! Piper is enamored by him!!
She looks just like her daddy!
Piper and her friend Claire at our house for a playdate. Piper really didn't want her in her chair so she sat on her lap and they both thought it was funny!
Piper just learned how to say 'cheese' when taking a picture!
See...she really likes saying 'Cheese!' This was her first time to do it and she really got into it! Ha!
We've been doing a lot of things lately! It's been a great month. I am beginning to really feel settled and part of this community. I am forming relationships w/other girls and though they aren't solid relationships yet, I see the Lord working and helping me get to know them more and more. Also, He's really opened the door for me to be able to serve other moms and even a widow in our church so that has been very rewarding! I've been very encouraged lately in what the Lord is doing in my life and around me. Piper is really talking using words and has even begun to put two or three word phrases and sentences together! I'm amazed at what she is picking up on! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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