Christmas 2009!

Christmas 2009 will be one I never forget!! It definitely did not go as planned but still was very special to our little family! Here's the view out our front window on Christmas Eve as the "blizzard" was happening!This picture is a little out of place!! But, it's in the lineup to show you Piper wearing Michael's ginormous shoes while she is wearing her big boots at the same time!!
Now back to the Christmas lineup! We had Christmas at our house on the Tuesday before Christmas just before bedtime. It was fun to see Piper's reaction to her new items!
Then on Christmas day while we were snowed in, we let her open one of Grandma & Papa's presents that we had packed away in our car.
After the roads cleared off, we were able to travel to Fargo on the 26th. This was a pic of Piper after she had opened presents. I guess it wore her out!
She is telling Grandma something! Piper was a little ham at Grandma's!
After going to Fargo, we drove to Clinton. She wasn't really a ham here...more like a grouch!! Ha!
Except if Papa John was helping her or Aunt Valerie was entertaining her!
Then a few days later, Grandpa & Grandma Levy came to our house in Ardmore to see us for Christmas! They also stayed overnight with Piper while Michael and I spent New Year's Eve in OKC w/the Roush's!!! Thank you!! Notice Michael is not wearing his glasses---he got lasik in December and no more glasses for him!!
By this time, Piper knew the drill with the presents! This is her in the middle of a laugh while "talking" to someone on her new cell phone!

2009 was a great year for us! 2008 brought us a lot of changes so 2009 was a year of settling in and readjusting. It took most of the year for that readjustment and it is fully complete but God has been with us all along the way and will continue to be. I look forward to this year ahead and am excited about the changes He has planned for us!

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