Piper's Favorite Things...lately

Her babies, puppies, and bears along with her new purse and any keys she can get her hands on! I hear, "Keys?, Keys?, Keys?" ALL. DAY. LONG! Bath!!! She LOVES bath time...finally!! Especially with bubbles!
Barney & Friends! This is her watching it and dancing to it! She was really excited at this moment b/c they were singing a song! Everyday she asks, "Barney?, Barney?" And gives me the puppy dog eyes! I have been recording it every day and let her watch it after nap time most days.
Her shopping cart. Notice-her purse is in there and she has a baby in the front. She does this every time she takes her cart around the house. A purse and a baby of some kind are always in her basket! She is paying attention to mommy at the store!
And, this guy---Daddy! She talks about Daddy everyday as soon as she wakes up in the morning. For some reason, she has not figured out that he goes to work everyday. Ever since he stayed home over the Christmas holiday she thinks he is going to be home in the morning when she wakes up. And, when he does come home in the evening, she is so excited! So sweet!
These are a few of her favorite things!

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Hannah said...

Aw, sweet Piper!! She and Parker really have so many common interests - purses, babies,and BARNEY!! They're two peas in a pod. I want to see you soon, friend. I've been missing you. Let's plan something!