It's been a PJ's kind of week!

I am feeling so much better, but Piper is sick now! Monday and Tuesday night we didn't sleep much. Wednesday night she finally slept through the night again!!! She was diagnosed with an ear infection on Tuesday, but on Wednesday she started having this horrible cough that really sounds like a bark! So, we have avoided church, Mother's Day Out, the YMCA and any other kid-related areas! Needless to say, we are getting bored! I'm bound and determined we are going to the comedy act our church is hosting tomorrow night!! This is another time I wish we had family down the street!Piper will never eat cut up apples. Never! But she has been asking for an apple over and over so I finally gave her a whole apple and she went to town! No, she didn't eat the whole thing, not even a half of it, but she did eat a lot considering how big it was and how small she is!

And, if you are wondering what this get-up is about??? This is what happens when mama leaves Daddy in charge right before bedtime and just tells daddy where the pj's are and what the pj's look like, but doesn't actually set them out for daddy! Piper didn't end up in a pink shirt and pink pj bottoms both with butterflies on them, located in the second drawer....no, she ended up with a long sleeve white onesie and pantyhose that were located in the second drawer!!!! Do you know how hard I was laughing when i saw her!!?? I told Michael I was going to blog about this one! Ha!!! At least she was clothed in something warm! The pictures above were taken at 4:30 in the morning during one of our less than sleepful nights this week! I sure don't function well when I do not get my sleep!


Hannah said...

Oh, those "pajamas" are SO FUNNY!!! I'm laughing out loud.
I can relate to needing to give extremely specific instructions on children's clothes around here!

Kat said...

Shelly, that is hysterical! Thanks for sharing.

chandra said...

That cracks me up!