My Funny Honey!

I cannot really get Piper to smile much for a picture until after the picture is taken and she sees herself on the camera screen! Crazy kid! These are some pics I took over the week.She is quite the girly, girl. She has real bracelets but chooses other things to be her bracelets which are on pretty much A-L-L the time. She has to have a purse and she usually has 1-2 necklaces on. This week she has added the tiara to her accessory list!
I thought we could say this was our little John Lennon daughter! Notice the purse, beads, and bracelet! She went into the YMCA that day wearing this entire get up b/c I didn't want to fight it. Imagine the looks I received!!!
Aunt Sheryl let her have this dollhouse a while back but just last weekend brought her all the furniture to go w/it. I didn't let her begin playing with it until today and she was so thrilled. She sat on the floor playing for a while.
Grape Jelly Face.
And, this happened one night she wasn't going to sleep right away. She must have undone both of her diaper sides and then tried pulling up over and over b/c when I got her out of bed this is what she looked like! It was pretty low on the backside b/c it was hanging all out on the front! Luckily, we didn't have any leaks!
Piper had her 2 month well check this week and she weighs 24 lbs and is 35 1/2 in. tall which puts her at the 25th percentile for weight and the 95th for height! We have a baby beanpole on our hands! The doctor wasn't worried about her low weight. My sister said she is shocked I have such a little daughter b/c I was such a chunk as a baby and toddler! ha! Piper only had to have one vaccination. That made me happy! I still can't believe she is two!

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