Summer Fun!

We've been busy having fun lately! Today, my friend and I started our Mother's Day Out co-op instead of paying for it at the church. Her little girl, Claire, is two months older than Piper and they get along really well unless there's a toy they both want!! It was at our house this week and next week it will be at their house. We rotate weekly for 6 weeks! Today went great except for nap time but other than that the girls had fun!We kept busy! We went for a walk, played outside, had story time, free play, and even craft time which you can see below! They painted flower pots that I'm going to plant herbs in for me and Kristen! Here are the artists at work!
Before Claire arrived, Piper was being silly on the sofa! She wanted all her toys on her lap as well as being covered up with a blanket!

Cutie Pie!
Earlier this week, we went to a music workshop for toddlers. The kids made instruments and sang songs. Piper loves music and dancing so this was right up her alley! I wish she was old enough for Musikgarten...if that is how you spell it!
Saturday, we had the opportunity to attend a Texas Rangers baseball game and be the guests of at the suites thanks to a vendor of Valero! Piper had so much fun!!! She played inside and outside with two older girls of another employee! The girl below is one of them.
She rocked out in her shades and purses of course!
And, last week she had another friend over for a few hours. This is Katie from church and she's a few months younger than Piper. That day, Piper got to play with Katie at our house and then later that night at Katie's house b/c Michael took me out on a nice little date!! They are eating cookies in this picture. Piper's mouth is a bit darker than normal thanks to the chocolate chips!
We've also been going to the park a lot! We have more fun things planned for the summer! I only hope I can handle this heat while getting bigger and bigger!

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Hannah said...

Cute pics! Piper's hair has gotten longer...she looks so 'big girl' now!