Piper's 2nd Birthday

This is right after she woke up and received her doll bunk bed! She was so excited about there being 2 pillows. She even exclaimed, "There's another one!!!!"
For dinner that night we went to Casa Romo's in Ardmore and she loves to dip her tortillas and chips in anything!
This got thrown in there. She and Lilly were playing outside after dinner. Chandra, Lilly, and Sophia came to spend the night with us on Piper's bday!
blurry, but this shows you here excitement in eating the chips and guacamole!
Michael played w/the girls a lot that night after dinner! They were having fun on the newly re-constructed playset, thanks to Michael's handyman skills!

Here's our best family pic the day of her bday party. Piper was not cooperative in any way that day. Many meltdowns occurred throughout the entire day!
Piper and Claire being funny!
Piper, Lilly, and Katie
Lilly got a hold of some new bubbles and had a hay day!
Piper enjoyed opening her presents!
She kept saying, "Presents!"
Some of the 2 and almost 2 year olds at the table eating their treats.
Lilly gave Piper some cool John Lennon sunglasses. Pictures to come on the blog b/c Piper loves them!
The theme was Zoo Animals and this was the table decor! Thanks to Chandra and Michael for helping me put it all together. I could not have done it w/out their help!!

This is the entire tablescape above and the layout of this page is awkward!
The crackers were "parrot food" Like I said, I totally stole the idea from my friend Hannah! Thanks girl!


Mendy said...

So Adorable!! I love the theme and the doll bed looks so cute! I am impressed. I wish we would have made it. See you soon!

Kat said...

Hey! I recognize those decorations!!

Hannah said...

Oh fun!! I like your girl twist on the party theme - very cute! I totally don't know what to get Parker for her birthday, but that baby bunk bed looks so fun. I might be copying.