One More Big Girl Milestone!

POTTY TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had not planned on beginning potty training until July probably for a few reasons. Three big reasons were: a) I wasn't mentally ready; b) Piper didn't act like she had a clue about any of this or that she wanted to; and c) We will be away from home a lot over the next 2 weeks!

But---the plans changed when I picked her up yesterday from MDO at Kristen's house. Right before she and I left Claire went to use the potty chair and Piper decided she wanted to so I let her thinking she would just sit there and do nothing like usual. Boy Was I WRONG! She poo-pooed! So, I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought her a chair and we started last night...loosely that is! She went to potty twice last night before and after bath and then this morning I started taking her every 30 minutes except for the few hours we were at the park. So far she's only had a few accidents! But, she by no means totally 'gets it' and she is very motivated by the candy reward! I really need to put her in real panties but I'm not going to bother b/c we are going out of town tomorrow and then won't return for several days only to leave again for several days after that. Once we are done w/all that traveling, then I plan on staying home for 3 days straight and getting this girl out of her diapers! Can you believe this???!!! I sure can't! I was so shocked yesterday and all day today! What a surprise! Who knew I could bed train and begin potty training (although, not full-fledged potty-training) all in the same week...not me! One funny story was that this morning I got the package of pull-ups out and said, "Piper these are your big girl panties that you get to wear!" hoping that she'd think they were different than diapers. She replied, "Mommy, this is a diaper!" LOL!! Ha!

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