Big Girl Bed!

Well, as of Monday, May 31st Piper is in a big girl bed. And, I really do mean a big girl bed! It is not a toddler bed or even a twin. We have her in a full size bed, but for now it is just the mattress on the floor and no frills! Someone suggested that putting the mattress on the floor was a great starting point and you didn't have to mess w/rails so I was all for it plus I was mentally ready to get this project underway! I was way more ready to do this than I am to potty train but it all has to be done before baby boy arrives anyway! So, I was prepared for a horrible night and she did AWESOME! She went right to sleep, never got up and woke up a little earlier than normal but nothing too horrendous, plus she stayed in bed until Michael went to get her out! Then at nap time today, she went right to sleep and almost slept 3 hours...I had to wake her up! Then, tonight she went right to sleep once again! AMAZING!!! Now, I do realize she will at some point see that she can get up and out of bed to play or open her door or what have you but I'm so encouraged by the first 24 hours! We've really been playing up that she is a 'big girl' and that it's cool to be a big girl! She even calls it her 'big girl bed!' The pics above are of her tonight in her bed. She kind of looks like a little lump amidst a sea of cream! Ha! I do plan to put the mattress on the bed frame along w/a headboard and add some cute bedding but this is great for now!

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