1 Month

(Update)One month stats: 12 lbs, 13 oz; 23 inches = 95th percentile for both height and weight!

One month has passed by so quickly! Now, don't get me wrong...there are moments that seem to last F-O-R-E-V-E-R and won't end soon enough!!! Briggs is a sweet baby! He's beginning to coo at times and his smiles, although few, can melt your heart. Piper loves him (as you can see in the picture above sharing a sweet moment!) but she also knows how to make mama go a bit postal by pulling, I mean, YANKING his arm and other mean spirited moves! I just love having a baby in the house; even though I'd like a nanny or someone to watch my kids while I get a 3 hour nap in every now and then! Ha! Sleep is overrated! Briggs is definitely growing like a weed! I weighed him at 3 weeks and he was either 12 or 13 lbs-couldn't quite tell on the scale. I take him for his 1 month checkup on Thursday. He's in a size 2 diaper and almost out of 0-3 month clothing and beginning to already wear 3-6 month clothing! Piper was 8 lbs, 2.5 oz. at her 2 month checkup so that gives you an idea of the difference in their sizes as babies! And, for the past 3 nights he has only gotten up one time to eat somewhere between 1-2:30 am and then he wakes up between 5:45 and 6 to begin his morning! I hope this lasts because I've been trying to train him to do that! We'll see!


Kari said...

Can't wait to meet him!

Mendy said...

He is so precious! What a chunk. I guess that means you are just a great baby grower! Hopefully we can catch up soon. Lov ya