The Last Few Weeks

Well, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do! We are surviving around here. The lack of sleep is definitely starting to wear on me. I can't seem to get a good nap in any day really. Briggs and Piper do have one nap at the same time but Briggs hasn't been napping the full hour and a half during that time so I don't usually get more than 15-20 minutes of sleep during that time. At night, he is still just waking me up about 2 times a night but it went from a stretch of 5 hours and 3 hours to every 3 hours now so I'm only get 2 hour stretches of sleep!! That's been a bit hard! But, I feel confident that I can make it and he'll be sleeping through the night before I know it. However, I do like to keep my expectations low so I am not disappointed if things don't work out the way I hope, so scratch that-- I am not confident b/c I do not want to jinx myself! haha!Grammy & Briggs at 2 weeks. He weighed 10 lbs. at his 2 wk check up! Grammy was a huge help while she was here!! Piper got a piece of gum from her every 10 minutes I think! The way into Piper's heart is w/gum!!
Piper does love getting on the floor with Briggs. She's already been 'mothering' him! Look at his little smile!
Briggs and Piper at 3 weeks! She was eating a piece of candy! He is starting to look more at us and turn his head to us as we talk to him! He's even smiled a little at us!
Piper wanted me to snap a pic of her! The little chocolate monster! She has been pretty funny lately (in between making me terribly angry w/her disobedience!!) Last night, after she made me furious w/her disobedience I overheard her say, "I'm an angel!" I said, "Did you just say you were an angel" w/my most disbelieving voice! "Yes, I'm an angel!" "Who told you that?" (b/c she was not being one bit angelic!) "Boom-boom did!" That would be her imaginary friend that she says lives in Oklahoma City! I couldn't help but laugh and not be angry w/her anymore!
Briggs has been a sweetheart!
Briggs' First Road Trip! On Tuesday, I decided to load the kids up and go visit my grandparents in Drummond. My grandmother is quickly declining and I wanted her to meet Briggs and see her one last time. We drove to Sheryl's house and then Sheryl drove us the rest of the way. It wasn't as bad of a drive as I thought. Both kids were great for me!
Briggs was sitting on Aunt Sheryl's lap here.
My mom came over too and she was able to meet Briggs for the 1st time!
My grandparents have this life size doll and Piper loved it! The doll was bigger than her!
Aunt Sheryl & Piper
My mom w/both kids. She walked Piper to the quick stop and bought her a package of gum. Piper was in heaven!
My Grandpa w/Briggs. He's trying to get Piper to come to him but she wouldn't. He loved holding Briggs!
As ornery as Piper can be, she sure has a sweet heart. I thought she'd be a little scared of my grandma since she is very sick and is laying in bed. Piper hesitated at first but quickly warmed up to her. She would talk to her and run up to her and be silly. She even rubbed her feet! That melted my heart! I'm really glad that I was able to go there and take the kids with me.

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