Halloween 2010

I didn't post this pictures in the correct order...grr! I felt like we had a festive Halloween this year beginning w/Friday night the 29th. Our church has an annual Fall Festival and if of you remember, Piper had a total meltdown last year b/c she was scared of all the costumes! I was hoping that since she was older and more wiser that she'd really get into this year...Boy, did I have high expectations! She hated it!! Her total meltdown occurred minutes after we arrived so we left within 10 minutes of arriving! Yes, I did manage to get a shower and put make-up on that day just for the event and it lasted 10 minutes!!! Grrr, again! But, I did feel sorry for her b/c she was scared to death, bless her heart! The Festival pics are at the bottom! On Sunday, my best friend Chandra and her two girls came down to meet Briggs and to go trick or treating with us. I had very low expectations for the event but Piper absolutely loved it. She even was saying, "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" and "Can we go to the next house!" She acted like she wanted to go inside the homes. She gets that from me! Lilly was an adorable clown w/face paint so Piper thought she needed to be painted also which is why she looks sort of like a bunny rabbit and a skeleton...more on the skeleton costume in a bit!Lilly asked for a break so we let them sit on the curb and eat a sucker!
Sophia in her cute little poodle costume!
Piper and Lilly have spent Halloween together every year since they were born! We never plan it that way, but it always works out. Now, I think it should be a must until they are in school!
Briggs snoozing away in the back of the double stroller!
This is Briggs and Piper in their Halloween attire that Grandma & Grandpa sent them. They are so good about sending fun, holiday care packages to the grandkids! Thank you!
Now, for the Fall Festival! She is about to have a meltdown in this pic!
Oh, one more Halloween outfit pic!
This is before the Fall Festival. She was so excited to go to church and get candy in her pumpkin! But, when someone did put a wad of candy in there she went nutso screaming and crying! I love this little unpredictable girl!!
As you may recall, she was going to be a cow for Halloween but decided that she was scared of the cow costume again so I had to scramble and find something at the last minute. I had purchased these skeleton pj's for her earlier in the month. Well, they glow in the dark and she was so afraid of 'the bones'!! So, I gave them to a friend and then had to be and Indian giver and request to borrow them back for Halloween!! They were perfect for her b/c it was just like wearing regular clothes! Maybe in a few years Halloween will be a little more fun for Piper! I definitely will not expect her to enjoy the Fall Festival. After all, it is really crowded and foreign to see weird costumes and such! It might be a little too much excitement for us! :-)

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