Boom-Boom came for a visit!

Well-I'm sure you remember me mentioning Piper's imaginary friend, Boom-Boom before. She actually has several now but none of them are ever in our home. They are usually in Oka-mocha-city, as Piper says. Yesterday, however, we had the pleasure of having Boom-Boom (the most talked about friend) come over while we were eating lunch! So we took pictures with Boom-Boom. Piper gave us permission! As you can tell BB is in between me and Piper below.And, I've got my arm around her/him in the picture below! We thought these would be a great way to embarrass Piper when she's older! Ha! As soon as we got in the car after church, Piper started talking to BB. I turned around to look at her while this was going on and Piper immediately said, "Don't look at me!" I guess conversing with your imaginary friends is a private business! Ha! Of course, we're only fueling the fire by asking her a hundred questions about all of 'them'!!!
After nap time, Piper and Michael went outside to build her first snowman! It snowed all day but not a lot. I think Michael had more fun making the snowman than Piper!
She's all bundled up and didn't want me to take her picture. The picture below cracks me up!! It says, "Oh, come on mom!!"
And, I wanted to leave you with this little bundle of sweet chunky cheeks! I think he tried to laugh yesterday! Last night I dropped his 9 pm feeding and he did great. He ate at 6 pm, went to bed at 8 pm and then I woke him up at 6:45 am! And, just to compare his size to Piper at this point. He's wearing a 6-12 month outfit from Old Navy. Piper had a very similar outfit from Old Navy in the same size that she started wearing around 4 months. He's not quite 3 months and it's not going to fit him long I can tell! Needless to say, he's healthy and such a happy little guy!

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