It's been a pajama kind of week!

Since it has been so cold this week I have not felt like getting out much. We all know that is not like me to get out and be busy!! But, it's been kind of nice and Piper has actually done well with being at home...usually she gets all crazy on me and acts like a wild banshee when she's stuck inside! I think we've been in our jammies two days at least...all.day.long! I've really enjoyed it!
Piper playing dress up!
Briggs in the Jumperoo for the first time. I think his neck is still a bit too wobbly for it!
Daddy has had the opportunity to come home for lunch twice this week! That's a rare treat for us! This is Piper hanging onto his leg w/her fish hat on!
And, today we had our friend, Katie, come over unplanned and we were all still in our pj's! The girls were having fun 'loving' on Briggs until they got a little rough with him and he started crying! As I mentioned in the last post, I dropped his 9 pm feeding and he did great the first night but then nights following not so much! He has awoken anywhere between 4:30am and 5:50am the past 4 nights so I think he still is going to need that 9 pm feeding after all! I'd much rather feed him again at 9 pm then get up at 4:30 am anymore!! Also, Briggs is teething like crazy!!!

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