Christmas 2010

Briggs' first Christmas was busy and eventful! He handled it like a champ and even started sleeping through the night with the exception of a few nights! I'm so glad he has become a part of our family!This is my grandfather. He asked me to take a picture with Briggs! Isn't that cute! This was his first Christmas without my grandma. Grandpa turned 99 on December 23rd!! He came for the days when we had Christmas at my parents home. Somehow, he slept through the craziness...I guess being hard of hearing isn't always bad!
Piper and Briggs received a cool wagon from Michael's mom and step dad! Piper loves it!

I know it isn't good for a person to wear the glasses of someone else but this was too funny! I already know my dad is freaking out that we're going to ruin Piper's eyes as he looks at this picture! Don't worry Dad, she didn't wear them long!
This is Homa holding Briggs--Michael's grandmother. She turned 90 in November!
Back to Christmas at my parents. They bought a karaoke machine for the grand kids to enjoy. Piper was all about dancing to the music! Piper had a blast dressing up with her cousins! The pictures above and below are of her dressed up in some of my grandmother's 'red hat society' attire. My mom set some of that stuff back so the grand kids could play with it at her house when they visit!

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we were in Texas at Michael's dad and step mom's house. On Christmas Eve, Diana always prepares a fun party for the family to attend with music, yummy food, and drinks! Then on Christmas Day, we eat breakfast and open presents in our jammies and then eat a big Christmas dinner later in the day!
Piper had a lot of fun opening presents this year. She didn't understand that she could not open all the presents and became frustrated when all her presents were opened and she didn't have more. Many family members allowed her to open their presents!!
Michael giving Piper, Maggie, and Jonah a ride!
Grandpa with Briggs
Piper received a pillow pet from Grandma & Grandpa (weren't those popular this year!!) and she was in love with it instantly!!
This is Michael and Matt (his brother).
This is our sis-in-law, Amy(Matt's wife).
Our family Christmas picture. Piper has a mouth full of nuts! Lovely!
After all the Christmas festivities came to an end, Michael and I were able to take a "mini-vacation" in OKC! My sister, aka Wonder Woman, allowed us to leave both Briggs and Piper with her and her 4 kids while we stayed at the Skirvin for two nights! Her husband was even out of town! Michael and I shopped, slept in, ate yummy food, went to a movie...basically relished in freedom! It was a nice, needed break! I think it helped re-energize me!

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