Briggs is 1!!

Our little Briggs is one! I can't believe it!! This year has flown by and I wish I could rewind it just a little to enjoy my 'little' baby just a little more! Briggs has got some personality coming out in him! He is not gentle but full-on brute force when he's determined! He loves his sissy but knows how to make her mad!! Ha! He loves pulling hair and biting right now...not fun for us girls! But, he sure knows how to snuggle and make us laugh. Lately he's been cracking himself up! I think he may be our little ham! He's beginning to realize that you can get reactions out of people when you do silly things! The carseat is slowly becoming his enemy! He doesn't want to be held too much because he's ready to GO! He isn't walking yet but he is a quick little crawler and is walking along the furniture and bear crawling! It's so funny to see! He is laid back but will let you know when things aren't right! He eats so fast you cannot keep up with him and he loves his sippy cup! No problem transitioning him there!
He will sometimes say 'mama' but mostly in distress still. He loves his daddy and will say, 'dada' all day long! We think we've heard him try to say Piper but it was more the inflection of Piper though. Michael and I both heard it! I'm not crazy! My sister heard him say 'puppy' and he has signed 'more' several times, just not in the correct context! Ha! He grunts and fusses when he's thirsty, especially if he sees someone drinking or a cup on the counter. He's always thirsty!
He loves to dance and boy, does his booty shake! I love it!!!
Briggsy bear--We can't imagine our family without you! I really don't remember what it was like before you came along! You have been such a sweet baby to mother and I'm so happy to get to love on you!!! Your laugh is contagious and your smile just melts me! We all love your calm demeanor. I'm so excited to see what becomes of your personality this next year as you learn to talk and walk! You're a sweetheart!
He loves cars and trucks like a typical boy and makes the noises to go along! So funny! He also loves playing with all his sisters toys!
Briggs weighs 25.2 lbs and is 31 inches long. He's in the 75th-90th percentile range. I'm so surprised he wasn't off the charts for as big as he seems!

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