The Kids Bedrooms

The kids rooms are complete with a few minor exceptions. I still need to hem curtains and such! I completely love having a single story house now with the kids rooms just down the hall! It has made it soooo much easier on me and the kids love it because they can just run/crawl down the hall to their rooms and play with each other. I don't have to be in there worrying about keeping a crawling baby away from the stairs!
This is Piper's big wall with the alphabet. I would like to buy some inexpensive moulding and paint it hot pink and frame it out!
Her doorway. The fun sweater was given to her before she was born from her Aunt JuJu. It is from Argentina or somewhere kind of exotic! The pink hook thing below that was a Southern Living item that I spray painted hot pink. It's for her backpack and jackets!
Her bed an window area. i just used all her things from her old room and painted the room blue! I want to add some frilly pillows and paint her nightstand eventually. I'm also on the hunt for an old dresser to paint pink and place to the left there. It's a long wall which would be perfect. That will finish off her room! Since we do not have a guest room, we eventually want to get a daybed with a trundle and they can use her room. Oh, and I also want to add a few more lanterns and hangy down things above her bed!
Briggs room when you enter. I painted it the same color of blue as Piper's room. This is also the same blue we had in his old room. Love it!! Once again, I used the same things to decorate his room as his old room.
I did add big fat red buttons to his curtains...well, my sister added them for me!
And, that framed picture is actually a fun London map that we had in the playroom in our old house! Still love the hoops! Notice the crib is propped up on one side and the vaporizer is on the floor. He's had a nasty cold this week! But, oh he has been so snugly and sweet to rock!

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