Cowboy Briggs!

Two and a half weeks after moving, we celebrated Briggs' first birthday western style in our backyard! Here's our little cow town, complete with the "Blue Door Inn," the Saloon, and the Jail!

The decor...the pictures don't do it justice! We served Chili and the fixings along with cupcakes.

Cowgirl Piper waiting for the party to start!
Some of our guests...
Chandra and 6 week old, Evelyn! Doesn't Chandra look good!
Miss Natalie
Mendy & Sonya--college friends
Mommy and the cowboy himself!
Renna & Regan
Daddy and our little cowpoke!

Olivia & Aunt Sheryl
Grammy with Cowboy Briggs

Reagan, Mendy, Natalie, Sonya, Chandra, Evelyn
All the kids eating lunch and dressed in their finest western get ups! The kids all happened to be girls! No boys! Ha! We need to find us some rough and tumble boys to play with! Briggs has no guy friends! But, Piper didn't mind a bit. She was having so much fun with all her girl friends! I think she thought the party was for her too! We did invite some boys but they were not able to make it!
Singing to the birthday boy! He doesn't know what to think!
I had to shove the icing around his lips and in his mouth so he'd realize he did not want to miss out on some yummy stuff!

Pretty much just ate the frosting and a few bites of cake. He didn't get too dirty!
All the partying wore him slick! He was exhausted and probably slept 3 hours for nap time! He went straight to Grandma Judy and laid his head on her shoulder as if to say, "Rescue me!"
He was a laid back sheriff the day of his party! Happy Birthday Big Guy! We love you!! Thank you everyone who came and celebrated with us! Many of you traveled a ways to see him! We are so thankful to share his special day with you!

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