Random January Pictures

 This girl is pretty spunky!  She has recently renamed us the "P's."  We are no longer the Levy's, but instead the P's.  At bedtime, she gets to pick who to pray for.  Usually it is my sister's family or Michael's brother's family.  She would list each one of them off so I finally taught her that instead of saying all their first names, she can ask to pray for the Nall's or pray for the Levy's, etc.  So, she did that for a while and one night she said she wanted to pray for us, the P's.  I explained that we aren't t he P's, but we're the Levy's too.  Nope, hasn't stuck!  We are the P's!  4 P's in a pod I guess!
 And this boy is fearless!
 He is a lover and a cuddle bug. (he's hugging the baby doll above.  something he does a lot!)
 She likes to pretend the mannequins are her mom. She begged me to take a picture of her with this one!
 While he is happy with his toe!
 A future baller, maybe?
 Maybe, if you take into consideration how much he eats!!

 He loves playing with his toys right now and is walking around like crazy!  One of his favorite things to do is build towers with his wooden blocks.  He's really good at it!  And, his favorite thing to say is "No!"  Even if you say, "Briggs do you like chocolate?  Can you say yes?  Do you love your toys?  Can you walk?"  Yep, the answer is "no" according to him!  It's pretty funny...right now!
This picture cracks me up b/c he is wearing his construction goggles and playing with the tea set!  Funny boy!

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