I turned thirty at the beginning of January and we have had a month long celebration!  Not really, but it has been fun.  My waistline has enlarged due to all the celebrating!  Good thing I'm in my sister's boot camp class now.  Which is a death wish, might I add!  She is hard core and I swear every.single.person. has told me that she is the toughest teacher at the Edmond Y!!!
 On the day of my birthday, our family and my sister's family ate together at Humble Pie in Edmond.  Can I say, Yummo!!!  It is delicious!  Delicious!  They make Chicago style pizza or New York Style pizza.  We ordered the Chicago style!
 We all took silly photos that night.  Above is Trebor, Anna, and Briggs.  Below is Seth.  He hurt his finger in a dramatic attempt to open a hunting knife package.  The knife one and a lot of blood and several stitches later, he's okay.  It's still healing up though!  This boy has had more medical issues this year than any parent wants...broken tail bone, almost cut his thumb off, two concussions, and I'm sure there is more but I can't remember!
Sheryl and Paige
  Briggs, Anna, Sheryl, Olivia, Piper, Seth, and Paige

  Piper took this photo of me!
 Those are dollar bills on the ceiling!  Kind of cool but really dumb.  I wanted to rip them down and put them in my purse to be honest!

 No more pictures please!!  Ha!
Michael also took me to the Melting Pot and out shopping the Friday after, while Sheryl kept the kids.  I got to go to bed really late and sleep in!  Then this past weekend, we went with 11 of our friends to eat at The Shack for my birthday party with friends.  It is Cajun seafood and yummy!  Everyone surprised me with an album of 30 letters for my 30th birthday!  It is a special and sweet album that brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for all the sweet words written to me! I love it!  (I have no pictures from that night!)  So... Happy Birthday to me!  It feels good to be 30!

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