A Superhero and a Princess!

 The birthday party bar has been set high for us recently!!  One weekend we went to a Spiderman party and the next weekend Cinderella showed up!  I prepared Piper all week for Spiderman and she ran right up to him like it was no big deal and sat patiently while he painted her face! She loved it!
 The Cinderella party was fun and Piper was in awe!  Seriously, she was by Cinderella's side 90% of the time!  Yes, she's already asked me to call Cinderella to come to her birthday party.  In which I responded with, "probably not!"  Piper wants to have a Tangled birthday party.  But, sadly, I do not believe Rapunzel will be in attendance!
Each girl wore a princess dress to the party and while there, Cinderella painted their faces while they listened to Disney music.  Once she was done painting, she told them that Tinkerbell loaned her some pixie dust so they closed their eyes to make a wish and threw pixie dust in their hair.  Three days later, I still have yet to remove all the glitter, pixie dust!
 She told the girls a story and played games with them.  It was super fun and super cute.  Any girl would just love to meet Cinderella.  The funny thing is, Piper doesn't even know what Disney World is!  Ha!
 All the girls behaved so wonderfully too!  Something about a real princess being in the room, brings out the best behavior!  No one wants to disappoint a princess I guess!
Piper asked Cinderella all kinds of questions!  Serious questions...but the most funny one was, "Where is your stepmother?"  She is obsessed with the mean stepmothers of the princess movies b/c there always is one.  And for some reason, she really is focused on them and not the sweet princess things!  Cinderella played the part so well.  She responded with a gasp, and said, "She isn't here!  Is she?  I hope she isn't!  Did you invite her?  Oh, I hope you didn't!"  Ha...isn't that funny!

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