Halloween Time!

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolfie!  We went trick or treating with friends in the neighborhood.  Piper loved every single bit of it!  She was sad it was over but she told Michael "I loved, loved tonight!"  She would tell every person she passed "Happy Halloween!" as if she was saying Merry Christmas!  She did that as she arrived at school even!  Funny!  I love this part of her personality!  Briggs really enjoyed walking up to each house and saying 'trick or treat!'  Michael stayed with him while I stayed with Piper and her friends because Briggs was much slower.  It was fun seeing him figure all this out this year and really enjoy it!
 My Mom sewed Piper's cape and I hot glued a lot of 'fur'!  I thought both costumes turned out really cute!
 Michael's company hosts an annual Halloween party on site for all the families before Halloween.  The kids trick or treat in the offices and they offer bounce houses, games, prizes, pumpkin decorating, food, etc.  Piper said about three times, "Oh I am so thankful!  Thank you for bringing me Mommy!"  She loved it!

 Below is Briggs' face when I say "Smile Briggs" but he won't look at the camera!  Ornery all the time!
 Piper really was into the limbo.  She had never played!  She won a cake on the cake walk!
 This was one of the bounce houses below.  Notice the giant puppy head.  As soon as Briggs saw that, he began backing away and shouting, "I don't want to.  I don't want to!"  Ha!
 Towards the end, Michael was in charge of wrangling Briggs!

 Love her sweet smile.  That is genuine joy right there!
We also carved a pumpkin this year.  Piper was all about digging the seeds out and getting dirty, but Briggs just watched and kept saying "Yucky."  

And the pumpkin seeds were delicious!

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