Happy Birthday Briggsey Bear!

 Briggs turned 3 years old on October 15th!  I wasn't able to plan a party this year but we had a fun day! We started off with waffles (one of his favorite!) with candles and sprinkles!  Then he opened some gifts and played for a little bit!  After that, we spent the day at the Texas State Fair!  Piper was out of school for Fall Break so it worked out perfectly!

 The weekend after his birthday we traveled to Clinton, Oklahoma where Grammy & Papa John live. Grammy organized a birthday celebration for all the family members with October (and one November) birthday.  In all their ages totaled 324 years!
 Look at the joy on Briggs' face!

Briggs loves dancing and singing, Spiderman anything, dinosaurs, trains, riding in the stroller, "Go, Diego, Go!," "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," chocolate chip muffins, apples, grapes, chocolate chip granola bars, yogurt raisins, wheat thins, milk, and honey nut cheerios.  He dislikes all meat except a hot dog or Chick-Fil- A nuggets, sausage, and bacon.  You know...the healthy stuff!  He wears 4t shirts and 3t pants.  His legs are still shorter in ratio to his back which has been true since he was born.  He wears a size 9 shoe and weighs about 36 pounds.  Earlier this year he had his adenoids shaved and tubes inserted into his ears!  This has helped him tremendously with his asthma/allergy stuff!  He no longer will nap and usually sleeps from 7 pm-6:30/7 am.  He wakes up running and ready to be active and does not stop until bedtime.  He is really imaginative and pretending more and more!  He is finally enjoying it when I read to him, especially when it delays going to sleep!  He definitely loves to make others laugh.  He is cuddly and sweet and prefers mama more than anyone else.  I don't mind that at all!  I don't know how tall he is but he seems to be taller and bigger than most boys his age.  At least I get a surprised look every time someone asks me his age.  He is potty trained and in a big boy bed!  We just love this little man!  

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